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The road to wellness starts with you. Explore Green Roads CBD oils, edibles, topicals, beverages, and more to start your journey. Find Green Roads products at Simple Pleasure - MD on Kennedy Dr in Hagerstown, IL.

Simple Pleasure - MD
1412 Kennedy Dr,
Hagerstown, IL 60146

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What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound found naturally in hemp plants. More interesting than that is how CBD may support a sense of peace and wellness in human beings.

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Find Your Hagerstown CBD Store on Kennedy Dr

Looking for CBD oil around Kennedy Dr? You can find Green Roads CBD oil, along with CBD gummies, edibles, creams, capsules, teas, syrups, and pet drops at Simple Pleasure - MD, a CBD shop in Hagerstown. All across America, you can find our products at thousands of locations, including health food stores, yoga studios, independent pharmacies, juice bars, and smoke shops in Illinois.

Why Buy Green Roads at Simple Pleasure - MD?

Our sole mission at Green Roads is to help people find the healthiest version of themselves through the power of plants. It starts with our hand-picked American hemp, which is sourced from farms that have been awarded special certifications, and concludes with thorough, third-party laboratory testing. Special lab testing helps make sure our products stay true to the Green Roads brand and are made with top-notch ingredients. Lab sheets are available to the public. Just scan the QR code on any Green Roads product packaging at Simple Pleasure - MD. Everyone deserves to know what goes into their bodies! That's one reason we're transparent in what we do, from seed to sale.

Could CBD Work For You?

CBD interacts with a series of receptors in your body's endocannabinoid system. Since your body is unique, trying CBD for yourself is usually the best route to understand what CBD can do for you. Some people trust CBD as part of their daily wellness routine, while others are looking for help with more pinpointed issues. We learn so much about the effects of CBD, and all from customers just like you. We receive amazing messages about our products' results for real people, and that means a lot to us.

Places to Find CBD on Kennedy Dr

Discover a Green Roads CBD product for you (and your pet!) at Simple Pleasure - MD, your nearby CBD dispensary at 1412 Kennedy Dr, in Hagerstown. You'll find a whole catalog of products formulated in particular ways to match your needs Buy Green Roads CBD oil, gummies, capsules, drops, edibles, and more at Simple Pleasure - MD—a local Hagerstown CBD store.